Official course description: Most of the students in Physics 200/201 are either physical science majors (Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Engineering, etc.) or those biological science majors and premeds who are looking for a more mathematical and somewhat deeper introduction to physics than is provided in Physics 170/171 and Physics 180/181. Physics 200 assumes that students have completed calculus at the level of Math 115 and are currently enrolled in Math 120. Previous exposure to physics is helpful, but is not required. Physics 200a/201b students wishing to take a related lab course will typically enroll in Physics 205Lb (beginning in the Spring term) and then Physics 206La in the following Fall. This is the recommended sequence. Students may also enroll in Physics 165La/166Lb. Students with very strong preparation in Physics, AND currently enrolled in Math 230, may also want to consider taking the more intense/advanced Physics 260 sequence. Enrollment in the P260 course requires the permission of the instructor.