Official course description: This combined lecture and laboratory course, the first semester course of the two semester sequence Organic Chemisty I, II or CHEM 2570, CHEM 2580, introduces the fundamentals of organic chemistry and covers a broad range of topics in bonding, reactivity, stereochemistry, structure and synthesis, reaction mechanisms, nomenclature and chemical tranformations as related to several chemical families of organic compounds. In this first semester course, the primary emphasis is the study of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and alkyl halides. This is a laboratory course and the laboratory component introduces the practice of organic chemistry in the laboratory. In this first semester course, the primary emphasis is on learning basic laboratory techniques such as recrystallization, distillation (simple and fractional), reflux and extraction. Experiments will also include the preparation and reactions of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes (the three major functional groups discussed in the first semester lecture). Experiments will be performed at the macro and micro scale. Students will be charged an additional Chemistry Lab Fee when enrolling in this course.