Official course description: Organic Chemistry (3-0) A study of the fundamental types of carbon compounds. intended for students not requiring the detailed comprehensive courses specified for the BS degree in Chemistry. May not be counted in addition to CHEM 3321. The Chemistry Department offers a Departmental Examination to award upper division credit for CHEM 3321 and CHEM 3322 (the current majors' organic chemistry lecture sequence) by successful performance on an examination covering the fundamental aspects of the two-semester organic chemistry sequence to students who have taken sophomore level organic lecture coursework at other institutions of higher education. Successful performance on this Examination by students transferring two semester hours of sophomore level organic laboratory will at the same time earn two credit hours of 3000 level organic laboratory (CHEM 3221). The opportunity of a Departmental Examination to award upper division credit is viewed as an "extra" stimulus to promote student learning in the organic courses.