Official course description: A basic laboratory course in which both the theoretical and practical aspects of a variety of organic reactions and multi-step syntheses are emphasized. Modern chromatographic, instrumental, and spectroscopic techniques are applied to experimental organic chemistry. Course may be taken concurrently with CHEM 241 or in the semester immediately following. For safety reasons students will not be permitted to wear contact lenses in the laboratory and must wear proper attire. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: For the Summer and LPS offering of CHEM 245, it is a 2-semester course. Part 1 is taken in the first term for 0.0 CU and then Part 2 is taken in the second term immediately following the first for 1.0 CU. The students are also required to be enrolled in or to have completed CHEM 242 in the second half of LPS CHEM 245. Students who do not meet this requirement will be dropped from LPS CHEM 245.

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