Official course description: Introductory course emphasizing motion, forces, energy, momentum, rotation, and oscillations. Recommended for the student specializing in science and engineering. The honors version covers the same material as the traditional lecture course, but with three two-hour classes per week,most of which is spent working on activities in groups (rather than lecture). Students in the Honors section must be co-enrolled in MATH 425H so that strong connections can be made between math and physics. 407H students work in groups in every class meeting. Students in this version do not regiister foe a recitation or lab, since these activities are integrated into the regular class meetings. Prereq: thorough knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry; May not receive credit for both PHYS 401 and 407. Pre- or Coreq: MATH 425. Special fee. Lab. (PHYS 407H.S01) For permission contact Caitlin Baldwin CEPS Dean's office.

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