Official course description: This is the first of a three semester introductory course in physics for students in sciences and engineering. 1301W/1302W, 2303 or 2503 is designed to prepare you for work in your field by: building a solid conceptual understanding of fundamental principles of physics, and their applications; applying those principles to new situations, using logical reasoning and quantitative problem-solving skills; learning to communicate technical information effectively. To achieve these goals, this course requires you to understand the material in depth. 1301W will emphasize the study of mechanical systems, beginning with the description of motion of interacting objects, the forces that they exert on each other and the quantities that are conserved in those interactions. A laboratory is included to allow you to apply physical principles to the real world in a carefully controlled environment, and will also emphasize technical communications skills. A discussion section will give you the opportunity to clarify your conceptual understanding, and practice your problem-solving skills, by practicing working problems with other students. This is a calculus-based course, and students will be expected to use the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus, as well as algebra and trigonometry.