Official course description: This course is typically offered in Fall, Spring, Summer I and Summer II. This is a first semester calculus course primarily for students with some calculus background or strong precalculus skills. It involves both theory and applications. Students with no previous calculus experience or those needing extra review of precalculus topics should consider the linked courses MATH 1038 and MATH 1039. Topics include functions, limits and continuity, differentiation of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, curve sketching, optimization and L'Hospital's rule. NOTE: (1) Students may not get credit for more than one of MATH 1038, MATH 1041, and MATH 1941. (2) This course can be used to satisfy the university Core Quantitative Reasoning B (QB) requirement or the GenEd Quantitative Literacy (GQ) requirement. However, this course is not appropriate for students whose sole purpose is to fulfill the quantitative core requirements. They should take MATH 1031 instead.