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Ch.6: Types of Continuous Random Variable DistributionsWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch.1: Displaying Numeric Data
Ch.2: Measures of Center and Spread
Ch.3: Probability and Rules
Ch.4: The Discrete Random Variable
Ch.5: The Binomial Random Variable
Ch.6: Types of Continuous Random Variable Distributions
Ch.7: The Standard Normal Distribution (Z-Scores)
Ch.8: Using The Z-Score
Ch.9: Sampling Distributions: Mean
Ch.10: Sampling Distributions: Proportion
Ch.11: Hypothesis Testing: Part 1
Ch.12: Hypothesis Testing: Part 2
The Uniform Distribution
Chebyshev's Rule
The Normal Distribution

Concept #1: Probabilities Associated with The Uniform Distribution

Concept #2: Probabilities Associated 2ith The Uniform Distribution: Intro

Practice: Suppose that a child's weight is never lower than 6 pounds, nor higher than 10 pounds and each weight is equally likely. What is the probability of giving birth to a child who weighs exactly 9.5 pounds?

Practice: Referring to Practice 1, what is the probability of having a child who weighs between 9 and 12 pounds?

Practice: Assuming that it is equally likely that you end up with a 10 -13" foot-long sub from Subway, what is the probability that you get a foot-long sub that is only 10" long?

Practice: Referring to Practice 4, what is the probability that you get a foot-long that is 10-13" long?