Concept #1: Combining Rules To Solve Complex Problems

Concept #2: Combining Rules To Solve Complex Problems: Intro

Practice: The chance of you shooting a basketball and making it in is about 20% (you?re terrible like me). What is the probability that you make four consecutive shots in?

Practice: Referring to Practice 1, what is the probability of getting at most 24 shots in, out of 25 attempts?

Practice: Suppose that giving birth to a boy raises the chances of the next child being a girl by 10%. Your partner wants to have a girl first and then two boys. Assuming that the probability of having a boy or girl is 50/50, what are the chances of having the set of kids your partner wants?

Practice: A bag contains 5 green marbles, 3 white marbles, and 4 blue marbles. Find the probability that, when drawing two marbles without replacement, they end up being one blue and one green.