Official course description: An enriched chemistry course, covering chemical equilibria; electrochemistry; chemical thermodynamics; kinetics, energy and nuclear science, focusing on current chemistry research and applications. The topics will be covered with more sophistication than in other 1st year chemistry courses, and thus a thorough mastery of high-school chemistry will be assumed. Prerequisite: CHEM 123; or CHEM 121 (or 120) and permission of the Department. Students may not count more than one of CHEM 122 or 124 for credit. Corequisite: Students who intend to take further laboratory courses in chemistry should take CHEM 124 concurrently with CHEM 126. Recommended: MATH 126 (or 152 or 155) and PHYS 126 (or 121 or 102) as a corequisite. Quantitative.

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