Official course description: General fundamental concepts and nomenclature; stoichiometry and chemical calculations; nuclear and atomic structures, chemical bonding; properties of gases, liquids, solids and solutions; chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium. This course has the same lecture component as CHEM 111 but no laboratory work. Students who intend to take further laboratory courses in chemistry must take CHEM 111. Students with credit for high school chemistry 12 (or equivalent), or any university chemistry course may not take CHEM 110 or 111 for further credit. Students may not count both CHEM 110 and 111 for credit. Prerequisite: BC high school mathematics 12 (or equivalent) or permission of the department. No previous training in chemistry is required for this course. Corequisite: If BC high school mathematics 12 credit not obtained, then MATH 100 must be taken as a corequisite to CHEM 110. Quantitative/Breadth-Science