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Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. Explain the relationship between the pressure and temperature of a fixed amount of gas at constant volume using a gas law.

Solved • May 5, 2020

Mass Defect

Q. Calculate the mass defect and the nuclear binding energy per nucleon in Mo-96 if the mass of a Mo-96 nucleus is 95.962 amu. The mass of a proton is 1.00728 and the mass of a neutron is 1.008665 amu.

Solved • May 5, 2020


Q. Calculate the pH of a solution made by mixing 200 mL of 0.100 M potassium formate with 50.00 mL of 0.15 M hydrochloric acid. Remember, you have a table of Ka values, and if you don’t know what formate is, but know some naming conventions, you can figure it out. Please CLEARLY show all of your work and write you answer in the box.

Solved • May 5, 2020

First Order Half Life

Q. Fluorine-18 undergoes positron emission with a half-life of 1.0 × 10^2 minutes. If a patient is given a 248 mg dose for a PET scan, how long will it take for the amount of fluorine-18 to drop to 83 mg? (Assume that none of the fluorine is excreted from the body.

Solved • May 5, 2020


Q. (colliding cars) Car A is moving toward car B on a frozen lake. Car A's velocity is 7 m/s and its mass is half that of B's. They collide inelastically. Find the percentage of energy lost during the collision.

Solved • May 5, 2020

Enthalpy of Formation

Q. The ∆Hsol is -15 kJ/ mol and the ∆Hhydration is 700 kJ/mol for dissolving NaI in water, what is the ∆Hlattice for NaI?

Solved • May 4, 2020

Bond Energy

Q. If hydrogen were used as a fuel, it could be burned according to the following reaction:2 H2 + O2 2 H2OCalculate Hrxn. for this reaction using average bond energies.H-H = 436 kJ/mol;O=O = 498 kJ/mol;H-O = 464 kJ/mol

Solved • May 4, 2020