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Q. Can someone explain to me why the top reaction is E2 and not SN2?

Solved • Jun 6, 2017

Q. Hi, I understand that sulfuric acid is a strong acid, so i dissociates completely. But why would SO42- dissociate before H2SO4?

Solved • Jun 7, 2017

Q. A chemist prepares a 1 M solution of sulfuric acid. Which of the following gives the relative concentrations of the species in solution? A. [H2SO4] > [HSO4–] > [SO42–] Your Answer B. [SO42

Solved • Jun 7, 2017

Q. can you help me with this resonance problem?

Solved • Jun 3, 2017

Q. Hi! can someone please show me how to do this entire problem? Thank you!

Solved • May 19, 2017

Q. What compound has a significant m/z 70 in its mass spectrum?

Solved • May 26, 2017

Q. Can someone please explain how many hydrogen bond acceptor/donor sites are in caffeine and where they are exactly. The conjugation of the second ring is throwing me off. Thank you!!

Solved • May 30, 2017