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Q. How can you work out a wolff reaction with a cyclic carbonyl?

Solved • Nov 20, 2016

Ch.9 - Alkenes

Q. I need help finding the product(s) for this reaction please.

Solved • Nov 22, 2016

Q. is mass relevant when calculating velocity? i.e. "a merry go round rotates with angular velocity of 1 rev every 2 seconds...

Solved • Nov 18, 2016

Q. How do you find the derivative of this equation? v(t)=3t^2+2e^(2t)+5cos(4t)+2 where t1=2 t2=5

Solved • Nov 18, 2016

Q. do E1 rxns care for the ant-hydrogen?

Solved • Nov 21, 2016

SN1 SN2 E1 E2 Chart (Big Daddy Flowchart)

Q. I was confused with this because my professor said the single enantiomer. The product is chiral, so why isn't it racemic? (image below)

Solved • Nov 21, 2016

Q. How much HNO3 must be added to a 1.00 L buffer that is 0.0100 M acetic acid and 0.100 M sodium acetate to reduce the pH to 4.55? (pka of acetic acid = 4.75)

Solved • Nov 18, 2016