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Equilibrium Expressions

Q. When the following equation is balanced using the smallest possible integers, what is the exponent of H2SO4 in the reaction quotient expression? H2O(l) + SO3(g) <=> H2SO4(aq)

Solved • Feb 14, 2020

Chemical Equilibrium

Q. In combustion studies of the use of H2 as an alternative fuel, HO is sometimes formed in flames by the reaction, H(g) + 1/2 O2(g) <=> HO(g) Use the data below to calculate the value of Kc H2(g) <=> 2 H(g) Kc = 0.00455 1/2 H2(g) + 1/2 O2(g) <=> OH Kc = 0.492 Give your answer to 3 decimal places

Solved • Feb 14, 2020

ICE Chart

Q. Consider the reaction, 2 A(g) → B(g) Kp = 9.48x10^-5 at 500 K. If a sample of A(g) at 4.00 atm is heated to 500 K, what is the pressure of B(g) at equilibrium?

Solved • Feb 18, 2020

Molecular Orbital Theory

Q. If four orbitals on one atom overlap four orbitals on a second atom, how many molecular orbitals will form? A. 1 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 E. none of these

Solved • Feb 18, 2020

Orbital Overlap

Q. A single sp3 hybrid orbital has a) one lobe only b) two lobes of equal size c) two lobes of unequal size d) four lobes of equal size e) none of these

Solved • Feb 18, 2020

Bond Order

Q. Which of the following has the largest bond order? a) N2^+ b) N2^- c) N2^2- d) N2^2+ e) N2

Solved • Feb 18, 2020


Q. Consider the molecule C2H4. The hybridization of each C atom is A. sp^3 B. dsp^3 C. sp^2 D. sp E. d^2p^3

Solved • Feb 18, 2020