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Q. Can someone explain this question over Kirchhoff's law?

Solved • Jun 19, 2018

Q. How much would you raise the temperature of a cooper wire (originally at 20 degrees Celsius) to increase its resistance by 17%?

Solved • Jun 12, 2018

Q. You drive in a straight line at 22.0 m/s for 10.0 miles, then at 28.0 m/s for another 10.0 miles. Is your average speed 25.0 m/s , more than 25.0 m/s , less than 25.0 m/s ?

Solved • Jun 9, 2018

Q. A jet flying at 138 m/s banks to make a horizontal circular turn. The radius of the turn is 3810 m, and the mass of the jet is 1.80 105 kg. Calculate the magnitude of the necessary lifting force.

Solved • May 31, 2018

Q. Two ropes are attached to the bumper of a car. One person pulls the first rope with a force of 62 pounds at an angle of 38o to the horizontal ground, while another person pulls the second rope with a force of 46 pounds at an angle of 52o to the horizontal ground. The same effect can be produced by a single rope pulling with what force and at what angle to the ground?

Solved • May 19, 2018

Q. Phyiscs 1

Solved • May 22, 2018

Q. Ok so I have a little confusion, hopefully you guys can answer it tomorrow, what is the difference between g and G in Physics? g is an ACCELERATION, what is G?

Solved • May 23, 2018