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Q. Ok so in this homework question I am told it is a FCC unit cell with an edge length of .405nm and a density of 2.700g/cm^3.... I am asked to identify the element.. I am not sure where to begin!

Solved • Sep 4, 2017

Q. Based on intermolecular forces, which of the compounds CH3OH, CH3Cl and CH3CH3 has the highest boiling point and why?

Solved • Sep 4, 2017

Q. So in my homework problem that was the compound- NaOCl, which I got was sodium hypochlorite but why did they have the O before the Cl in this case?

Solved • Sep 4, 2017

Q. Suppose that, from measurements in a microscope, you determine that a certain layer of graphene covers an area of 1.50μm2. Convert this to square meters.

Solved • Sep 4, 2017

Q. Density

Solved • Aug 31, 2017

Q. If no heat is lost to the surroundings, what is the final temperature of the mixture?

Solved • Aug 29, 2017