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Gibbs Free Energy

Q. Which of the following will change the value of Ka for the weak acid HCN

Solved • Aug 18, 2019

Mass Defect

Q. Consider the nuclear reaction 238 92 U 234 90 Th + 4 2 He. The nuclei in this reaction have the masses 238.003 amu for 238 92 U, 233.9942 amu for 234 90 Th and 4.0015 amu for 4 2 He. Find the E when one mole of 238 92 U nuclei undergoes this reaction

Solved • Aug 18, 2019

Rate Law

Q. The reaction A + B -> products is first order in A and is second order in B. In a 25C solution with [A] = 0.40 M and [B] = .14 M, the rate of this reaction is 3.3x10^-3 M/s. Find the rate constant for this reaction at 25 C.

Solved • Aug 18, 2019

Crystal Field Theory

Q. Consider the complex ion [Co(H2O)6]3+. Draw the crystal-field energy level diagram and use arrows to show the placement of d electrons assuming that water is (a) a weak field ligand (b) a strong field ligand

Solved • Aug 18, 2019

Colors of Complex Ions

Q. If a solution absorbs only green light, what color will it be?

Solved • Aug 18, 2019

Electron Configuration

Q. Explain thanks

Solved • Aug 18, 2019