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Q. Explain thanks also what is the difference btw Siga and pie bond I have skipped that video can you link below thanks!

Solved • Aug 15, 2019

Alpha Decay

Q. Consider the nuclear reaction 92U238 --> 90Th234 + 2He4 The nuclei in this reaction have the masses 238.0003 amu for 92U238, 233.9942 amu for 90Th234 and 4.0015 amu for 2He4. (a) Find ΔE when one mole of 92U238 nuclei undergoes this reaction (b) Use the answer to (a) to find ΔE when one 92U238 nucleus undergoes this reaction.

Solved • Aug 15, 2019

The Particle Nature of Light

Q. During photosynthesis, chlorophyll-a absorbs light of wavelength 440nm and emits light of wavelength 670nm. What is the energy available for photosynthesis from the absorption-emission of a mole of photon?

Solved • Aug 15, 2019

Thermochemical Equation

Q. The heat of combustion of methane (CH4) is-890 kJ/mol. Determine the mass of methane (in g) that has to be burnt in order to heat 500 mL of water from 20 degrees Celsius to boiling. Assume all the heat release was used to heat the water.

Solved • Aug 15, 2019


Q. The atomic weight of Rubidium is 85.4678amu. The 2 naturally occuring isotopes of Rubidium have the following masses: 85Rb, 84.9118amu; 87Rb, 86.9092amu. Calculate the percent of 85Rb in naturally occuring Rubidium.

Solved • Aug 13, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. You have a 0.75mg/mL solution of bovine serum albumin (BSA). You add 1mL of the 0.5 mg/mL BSA solution into a standard cuvette (1cm path length), set your spectrophotometer to 280nm and read the absorbance of this BSA solution. What is the absorbance to three decimal places?

Solved • Aug 13, 2019

The Particle Nature of Light

Q. Excited lithium ions emit radiation at a wavelength of 670.8nm in the visible range of the spectrum. (This characteristic color is often used as a qualitative analysis test for the presence of Li+) Calculate the frequency and the energy of a photon of this radiation

Solved • Aug 13, 2019