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Q. A solution of 49.0% H2SO4 by mass has a density of 1.39 g cm−3 at 293 K. A 25.0 cm3 sample of this solution is mixed with enough water to increase the volume of the solution to 99.8 cm3. Find the molarity of sulfuric acid in this solution.

Solved • May 4, 2020

The Colligative Properties

Q. Calculate the vapour pressure at 25 °C of an aqueous solution that is 5.50% NaCl by mass. (Assume complete dissociation of the solute.)

Solved • May 4, 2020

Enthalpy of Formation

Q. Potassium perchlorate (KClO4) has a lattice energy of −599 kJ mol−1 and a heat of hydration of −548 kJ mol−1. Find the heat of solution for potassium perchlorate and determine the temperature change that occurs when 10.0 g of potassium perchlorate is dissolved with enough water to make 100.0 mL of solution. (Assume a heat capacity of 4.05 J g−1 °C−1 for the solution and a density of 1.05 g mL−1.)

Solved • May 4, 2020

Subatomic Particles

Q. if you had equal masses of substances in the following pairs of compounds, which of the two would contain the greater number of ions? (a) NaBr or KCl (b) NaCl or MgCl2 (c) CrCl3 or Na2S

Solved • May 4, 2020

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. The pressure of a gas in a container is 2.10 atm and occupies a volume of 2.4 L. If the original volume is reduced by half at constant temperature, what would happen to the pressure?

Solved • May 4, 2020

Complete Ionic Equations

Q. An alkaline battery involves the reaction of zinc metal with manganese (IV) oxide to produce zinc oxide and manganese (II) hydroxide. Write the balanced net ionic equation (use a solubility table for reference) under basic conditions.

Solved • May 4, 2020

Formation Constant

Q. If the Ksp for FeS (s) is 3.7x10^(-19) and Kf for Fe(CN)6^(-4) is 1.5x10^35, calculate the equilibrium constant fo the following reaction. Show your work! FeS(s) + 6 CN^(-) (aq) ⇌ Fe(CN)6^(4-) (aq) + S^(2-) (aq)

Solved • May 4, 2020