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Dipole Moment

Q. 1. In the laboratory, you participated in the bad breath indicator exploration. In this exploration, water molecules (a Lewis base) attacked Carbon dioxide molecules (a Lewis acid) to form carbonic acid molecules containing the atoms of both molecules. a. draw Lewis structures for the three molecules in this reaction: H2O + CO2 ---> H2CO3 Water: Carbon Dioxide: Carbonic acid: b. Show the hybridization of every carbon and oxygen atom in the three Lewis structures above. c. Identify whether each molecule is polar or non-polar.

Solved • Mar 9, 2020

Bond Angles

Q. 4. Draw the complete Lewis structures showing all valence electrons, all atoms, all charges, all resonance forms for the molecules or species where appropriate. Show the best structure based on formal charge considerations. Supply the information requested. Water, H-O-H Bond Angle

Solved • Mar 9, 2020

Cell Potential

Q. Calculate the standard cell potential at 25 °C for the reaction X(s) + 2Y^+(aq) → X^2(aq) + 2Y(s) where ΔH° = -931 kJ and ΔS° = -139 J/K. Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.

Solved • Mar 7, 2020

Molecular Polarity

Q. 3. Classify the following molecules as polar or non-polar. Explain (Hint: draw in dipole arrows) b. Methane

Solved • Mar 9, 2020

Galvanic Cell

Q. What substance is produced at the cathode during the electrolysis of a mixture of molten calcium bromide, CaBr2(l), and molten magnesium iodide, MgI2(l)? Assume standard conditions. Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Solved • Mar 7, 2020

Redox Reaction

Q. Electrolysis is performed on a mixture of CuBr(l), AgBr(l), MgBr2(l), and NiBr2(l). Which of the following is produced at the cathode? a) Br2(l) b) Cu(s) c) Ag(s) d) Mg(s) e) Ni(s)

Solved • Mar 7, 2020

Dipole Moment

Q. 3. Classify the following molecules as polar or non-polar. Explain (Hint: draw in dipole arrows) a. Sulfur Dioxide

Solved • Mar 9, 2020