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Q. Hey, how do you calculate the average atomic mass of Neon

Solved • Jan 30, 2018

Q. 10ml of 1M NaOH solution is mixed with 5ml of 1 M sulfuric acid. The temperature of the final solution increases by 8.91 C . Calculate standard enthalpy for the reaction of H+ + OH- = H2O

Solved • Jan 27, 2018

Q. Finding pH!

Solved • Jan 27, 2018

Q. The osmotic pressure of human blood is 7.6 atm at 37°C. What mass (in g) of sucrose, (C12H22O11, 342.3 g/mol), is required to make 1.00 L of aqueous solution if the solution must have the same osmotic pressure as blood at body temperature, 37°C?

Solved • Jan 27, 2018

Q. What amount of a nonelectrolyte solute should be dissolved in 23.7 moles of benzene (C6H6) at 25°C to change the vapor pressure of benzene by 21.5%? The vapor pressure of benzene at 25°C is 94.2 torr.

Solved • Jan 28, 2018

Q. Calculate the sodium ion concentration when 71.2 mL of 4.8 M sodium carbonate is added to 33.7 mL of 4.0 M sodium bicarbonate

Solved • Jan 27, 2018

Q. The Toyota Prius, a hybrid electric vehicle, has an EPA gas mileage rating of 52 mi/gal in the city.How many kilometers can the Prius travel on 10 liters of gasoline?

Solved • Jan 28, 2018