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Types of Chemical Reactions

Q. Furnaces in residential homes usually burn natural gas, which is mostly methane, CH4. Here is the balanced equation for the complete combustion of methane:CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O a. Explain why it is important to make sure your furnace is serviced and in proper working order before the winter. Be sure to include information about combustion reactions in your answer. b. What safety precautions should you take if your house has a furnace?

Solved • Aug 23, 2019


Q. a. Use the following reaction to determine how much of each product would be released if 42 000 kg (42 tonnes) of methyl isocyanate reacted with excess water: methyl isocyanate+water→1,3-dimethyl urea+carbon dioxide 2C2H3NO+H2O→C3H8N2O+CO2

Solved • Aug 22, 2019


Q. Assuming that a planet is a perfect sphere with a circumference of 21024 km and an average density of 2.41 g/mL, what is its approximate mass? The circumference of a sphere is 2 π r where r is the radius of the sphere, the volume of the sphere is 4 π r3, and 1 metric ton = 1000 kg. Answer in units of metric ton.

Solved • Aug 22, 2019

Activity Series

Q. Use both the metal and the halogen activity series to predict whether each of the following reactions will occur. Write the formulas for the products and balance the equation, if the reaction does take place. a. AgNO3 + Zn → b. Cl2 + NaI → c. Fe + Al2 O3

Solved • Aug 22, 2019

Percent Yield

Q. In the reaction 49.5 g of lead(II) nitrate is reacted with excess zinc in a single displacement reaction. a. Calculate the theoretical yield of lead in the experiment. b. After separating the lead by filtration and allowing it to dry, 19.8 g of lead was obtained. What is the percent yield of the experiment?

Solved • Aug 21, 2019


Q. Vehicle air bags require that a very specific amount of gas is created so that the gas inflates the airbag without causing it to rupture. Commonly, this is accomplished by decomposing sodium azide (NaN3) to produce sodium metal and nitrogen gas. How much sodium azide is required to produce 80.0 g of nitrogen gas?

Solved • Aug 22, 2019

Lewis Dot Structure

Q. Draw reasonable LDS for CSHCL? (Idk, if it's Caesium or Carbon and Sulphure)

Solved • Aug 21, 2019