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Q. You need to make an aqueous solution of 0.155 M cobalt(II) iodide for an experiment in lab, using a 500 mL volumetric flask. How much solid cobalt(II) iodide should you add?

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Q. equilibrium constant

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Phase Diagram

Q. An 8.5-g ice cube is placed into 255 g of water. Develop an equation that can be used to calculate the temperature change in the water upon the complete melting of the ice give an initial ...

Solved • Sep 18, 2017

Accuracy & Precision

Q. Could you help me with the following problemHow many cubic centimeters (cm3) of olive oil have the same mass as 2.00 L of gasoline?

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Q. A certain reaction has an activation energy of 64.58 kJ/mol. At what Kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 4.00 times faster than it did at 309 K?

Solved • Sep 18, 2017

Q. Sulfur and oxygen form both sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide. When samples of these are decomposed, the sulfur dioxide produces 3.51 g oxygen and 3.52 g sulfur, while the sulfur trioxide produces 7

Solved • Sep 17, 2017

Q. A sample of water (H2O) contains 1.81 x 10^24 molecules. How many moles of atoms are there in this sample?

Solved • Sep 17, 2017