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Q. How do I figure out the electronegativity of atoms?

Solved • Sep 20, 2017

Q. under what circumstances must the dissolution of a solid include the concept of entropy to explain its spontaneity?

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Q. How do you determine which energy level an electron moves to in hydrogen given the initial "n" and wavelength?

Solved • Sep 17, 2017

Q. how does absorbing wavelength affect electron configuration?

Solved • Sep 17, 2017

Q. Hi! Quick question! But is it possible to use fractions when balancing the chemical equation K +H2O => 2KOH +H2

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Q. calculate the value of Kp

Solved • Sep 19, 2017

Q. equilibrium

Solved • Sep 19, 2017