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Q. please help me solve really important!!!!!

Solved • Feb 26, 2019

Q. Calculate the pH of the following aqueous solution: .66M NaF (pKa for HF = 3.14)

Solved • Feb 27, 2019

Q. How many chloride ions are present in 686 mL of 0.750 M CaCl2?

Solved • Feb 27, 2019

Q. What element X is most likely to react to form the compound XF5?

Solved • Feb 27, 2019

Q. Propane (C3H8) is burned in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. The heat of combustion of propane is -2012 kJ/mole. How much heat is given off when 3.0 mol C3H8 are reacted with 10.0 mol O2?

Solved • Feb 27, 2019

Q. Consider the reaction N2 + 3 H2 → 2 NH3 . What is the percent yield if 45.5 grams of NH3 is produced upon reaction of 13.0 moles N2 and 29.0 moles H2? 1. 6.14% 2. 35.4% 3. 20.6% 4. 27.6% 5. 10.3%

Solved • Feb 26, 2019