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Q. ow many grams of Kr are in a 6.58 L cylinder at 28.1 °C and 5.95 atm?

Solved • Feb 28, 2019

Q. The repeat unit in a polystyrene coffee cup has the formula C6H5CHCH2. If the molar mass of the polymer is 3.0 × 105 g/mol, what is the degree of polymerization?

Solved • Feb 28, 2019

Q. Calculate the velocity of a neutron needed to achieve a wavelength of 1.30 Å . (Take the mass of the neutron m=1.6749×10−27kg).

Solved • Mar 1, 2019

Q. How many moles of zinc, Zn, are in 1.31 × 1024 Zn atoms?

Solved • Feb 28, 2019

Q. If 0.235 g of KHP requires 16.73 mL of NaOH solution to neutralize it, calculate the molarity of the NaOH solution. S

Solved • Feb 28, 2019

Q. Calculate the mass (in g) of 2.1 atoms of W.

Solved • Feb 28, 2019