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Ionic Salts

Q. 6) If we know that Cl--ion is neutral, which ions are basic and which on the other hand are acidic?

Solved • May 1, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. Which of the following is acidic oxide? A. CO2 B. Mg0 C. Na2O D. CaO E. K2O

Solved • Apr 14, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. Complete the table using the letters "A", "B", or "N", where A stands for Acidic, B for Basic, and N for neutral. NH4NO3, KF, FeBr3, C5H5NHClO, NaClO4

Solved • Apr 13, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. An aqueous solution of KF is basic while NH4F is acidic. Explain why?

Solved • Apr 11, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. Predict whether solutions of the following salts will be acidic, basic, or neutral and write the appropriate chemical equations and K expressions to justify your answers

Solved • Apr 10, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. Identify the compound that is acid -insoluble: a) Ca3(PO4)2 b) As2S3. c)PbCl2. d)LiCl. e)FeS

Solved • Apr 7, 2020

Ionic Salts

Q. Which of the following, when dissolved in water, produces the solution with the lowest pH?A.KCl D.CaCl2 B.H2SO4 E.AlCl3 C.LiOH

Solved • Apr 2, 2020