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Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. Which statement about the equilibrium constant is true? The value of kc A) changes as temperature changes B) changes as reactant concentration changes. C) changes as product concentration changes. D) never changes.

Solved • Jun 29, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. A12. At 298.15 K, the equilibrium constant is Kc = 3.75 for the reaction: SO2(g) + NO2(g) ⇌ SO3(g) + NO(g) ΔrHϴ = –41.7 kJ What is the effect on the system if the volume of the reaction vessel is doubled?

Solved • Jun 21, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. Given that 1 2SO2(g) +O2(g) →← 2SO3(g) 2 The forward reaction (1) is proceeding at a certain rate at some temperature and pressure; when the pressure is increased, we may expect for the forward reaction (1)

Solved • Jun 18, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. For which of the following reactions would the yield of products at equilibrium NOT increase at a higher pressure?

Solved • Jun 17, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. Which of the following changes will shift the position of equilibrium to the right? 2NOBr(g) ⇌ 2NO(g) + Br2(g) ΔH°rxn = 30 kJ/mol. An endothermic reaction:

Solved • Jun 11, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. would each of the following changes increase or decrease the molar solubility of AgCl in water. This is an endothermic process. a. adding HCl b. Adding AgNO3. c. Adding CN- d. raising the temperature

Solved • May 7, 2019

Le Chatelier's Principle

Q. Each of the insoluble salts below are put into 0.10 M hydrobromic acid solution. Do you expect their solubility to be more, less or about the same as in a pure water solution?

Solved • Apr 14, 2019