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9 solutions

Formal Charge

Q. The formal charge on the carbon atom in the hydrogen carbonate ion, HC031-, is a. -2 c, d._1 e. _2 f. none of these answers is correct

Solved • Jul 22, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. Assuming that the octet rule is not violated, draw a Lewis dot diagram for the hypochlorite ion, ClO-. The formal charges on Cl and O in the ion are, respectively: a. -1 and 0 b. 0 and -1 c. 1 and -2 d. -1 and 1 e. None of these choices is correct.

Solved • Jul 12, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. Using Lewis structures and formal charge, which of the following ions is most stable,? OCN⁻ ONC⁻ NOC⁻

Solved • Jun 8, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. please show step by step solution!

Solved • May 1, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. What is the formal charge on phosphorus in a Lewis structure for the phosphate ion that satisfies the octet rule? -2, -1, 0, +1, +2,

Solved • Apr 23, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. The formal charge of O in H–C=O–H is?

Solved • Apr 23, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. what is the charge on carbon after removal of a hydrogen atom?

Solved • Apr 12, 2019