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16 solutions

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. There are four gases at STP, (1) 6.72 L CH4, (2) 3.01×10^23 HCl molecules, (3) 13.6 g H2S, (4) 0.20 mol NH3. Select the true statement(s). Show your reasoning/calculations to receive full credit. a. Volume (2)>(3)>(1)>(4) b. Density (2)>(3)>(4)>(1) c. Mass (2)>(3)>(1)>(4) d. Number of H atoms (1)>(3)>(4)>(2)

Solved • Nov 19, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. What is the idea gas equation and what are the temperature and pressure at STP?

Solved • Nov 19, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. At standard temperature and pressure (0 °C and 1.00 atm), 1.00 mol of an ideal gas occupies a volume of 22.4 L. What volume would the same amount of gas occupy at the same pressure and 90 °C? Express your answer numerically in liters.

Solved • Nov 13, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. Nitrogen and hydrogen gases react to form ammonia gas via the following reaction: N2(g)+3H2(g)→2NH3(g) At a certain temperature and pressure, 1.1 L of N2 reacts with 3.3 L of H2. If all the N2 and H2 are consumed, what volume of NH3, at the same temperature and pressure, will be produced? Express your answer using two significant figures.

Solved • Nov 3, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. When sodium metal reacts with water (liquid) it produces hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide. If 83.24 g of sodium metal reacts with excess water, how many liters of H2 gas are produced at STP? {Hint: start by writing a balanced chemical reaction.)

Solved • Oct 31, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. How many moles of gas are present in a 10.0 lier sample at STP? a) 2.24 moles b) 22.4 moles c) 0.446 moles d) 10.0 moles e) 224 moles

Solved • Oct 28, 2019

Standard Temperature and Pressure

Q. Air bags are activated when a severe impact causes a steel ball to compress a spring and electrically ignite a detonator cap. This action causes sodium azide (NaN3) to decompose explosively according to the following reaction. 2 NaN3(s) → 2 Na(s) + 3 N2(g) What mass of NaN3(s) must be reacted to inflate an air bag to 67.2 L at STP?

Solved • Oct 29, 2019