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Partial Pressure

Q. For scuba diving 46 L of He at 25.0 c and 1.0 atm and 12 L of oxygen at 25 c and 1.0 atm were pumped into a tank with a volume of 5.0 L. Calculate the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure of the tank at 25.0 c.

Solved • Mar 25, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. If a gaseous mixture is made by combining 2.43 g Ar and 3.88 g in Kr in an evacuated 2.50 L container at 25.0 °C, what are the partial pressures of each gas, PAr and PKr, and what is the total pressure, Ptotal, exerted by the gaseous mixture?

Solved • Mar 13, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. 9. Within a balloon, there are 3 types of gases. The first gas, A is 6.0 grams in amount, the second gas, B, is 4.0 grams and the last, C, is 3.5 grams. The molar mass of gas "A" is 13.56 g/mol, "B" is 11.76 g/mol and "C" is 12.07 g/mol. If the total pressure inside the balloon is 15 atm, what is the partial pressure of each gas?

Solved • Feb 17, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. 7. Calculate the partial pressure of oxygen and nitrogen in a mixture of 35.0 g of oxygen gas 31.5 g of nitrogen gas in a 2.0 L container at 45 °C.

Solved • Feb 17, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. The partial pressures of CH4, N2, and O2 in a sample of gas were found to be 191 mmHg, 428 mmHg, and 657 mmHg, respectively. What is the mole fraction of nitrogen?

Solved • Feb 27, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. Ammonium bisulfide, NH4HS, forms ammonia, NH3, and hydrogen sulfide, H2S, through the reaction NH4HS(s) ⇌ NH3(g) + H2S(g) This reaction has a Kp value of 0.120 at 25 degrees C. In addition to the H2S already present in the flask, solid NH4HS is added until there is excess unreacted solid remaining. What is the mole fraction, x, of H2S in the gas mixture at equilibrium? Express your answer numerically.

Solved • Feb 15, 2020

Partial Pressure

Q. At 100 °C, Kc = 0.078 for the reaction SO2Cl2(g) ⇌ SO2(g) + Cl2(g) In an equilibrium mixture of three gases, the concentrations of SO2Cl2 2 and SO2 are 0.120 M and 0.125 M respectively. What is the partial pressure of Cl2 in the equilibrium mixture? Express your answer using two significant figures.

Solved • Feb 14, 2020