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Q. Calculate the molarity of bromide ions in 250 mL of a solution containing 25.9 g NaBr and 0.155 moles of HBr.

Solved • Dec 5, 2019


Q. Determine the [OH^-) concentration in a 0.169M Ca(OH)2 solution

Solved • Nov 25, 2019


Q. Calculate the molarity of a solution made from 125 g CaCl, in 775 mL of solution.

Solved • Nov 18, 2019


Q. A student needs to make 0.555 L of a sodium bromide solution for an experiment. The concentration of the required solution is 0.250 M. How many grams of sodium bromide will she need to use?

Solved • Nov 18, 2019


Q. Calculate the sodium ion concentration when 70.0 mL of 3.0 M sodium carbonate is added to 30.0 mL of 1.0 M sodium bicarbonate

Solved • Nov 16, 2019


Q. What volume of 3.00 M K2SO4 would contain 25.0 g of solute?

Solved • Nov 15, 2019


Q. Determine the following concentrations when 0.500 mol of HCl is mixed with water to form 415 mL of solution. [HCl] as mixed= ?M [H+] in solution= ?M [Cl-] in solution=?M

Solved • Nov 12, 2019