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Dimensional Analysis

Q. In Canada and the United Kingdom, devices that measure blood glucose levels provide a reading in millimoles per liter. If a measurement of 5.3 mM is observed, what is the concentration of glucose (C6H12O6) in mg/dL?

Solved • Nov 28, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. Luis went camping and found a bag with 2500 silverish looking metal cubes in a cavern in the hills of Yosemite. These cubes have a height of 10 cm. He believes it is either silver, aluminium, or nickel. Remembering you were a chemistry genius, Luis promises to give you 500 cubes of the metal if you can tell him what the metal it is. Using 250 mL of each following solution at the stated concentrations. You have to use your cubes to identify after all the reactions determine how many grams of solid metal will be left. Calculate how much money you can make if you sold the metal Luis will give you. Explain how you figured out the identity of the metal.

Solved • Dec 6, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. In Ch.0 - Essentials: Units, Measurement, and Problem Solving (exam practice), Is 1dm^3 = 1L a conversion factor that should be memorized? As i'm doing an exam review I am confused where the 1dm^3 = 1L is coming from.

Solved • Dec 5, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. Their mini-refinery produces around 1 dL of fuel per day. How long would it take to produce 1 gal of fuel?

Solved • Dec 4, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. A chemistry grad student measures the performance Z of the new pump in his lab. The result is: Z = 4.3^3.s^-1 Convert Z to kJ.s^-1

Solved • Nov 22, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. The absorbance of an iron thiocyanate solution containing 0.002 mg Fe/mL was reported as 0.78 at 540 nm using a 1.00 cm cuvette. What will be the absorbance if the solution is diluted to twice its original volume and is placed in a 4 cm cuvette.?

Solved • Nov 10, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. Convert: 777.5 qt to milliliters (1 L = 1.060 qt?.

Solved • Nov 2, 2019