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22 solutions

Dimensional Analysis

Q. 355 km/s to cm/s

Solved • Aug 23, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. the radius of a carbon atom is 77 picometers (10¹² pm = 1 m). How many carbon atoms could be placed end to end on a straight line that is 1.0 mm long?

Solved • Aug 21, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. $2.59/gal to ¢/ml

Solved • Aug 19, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. Calculate the moles oxalic acid dihydrate, H2C2O4•2H2O (fw, 126.07 ) needed to react with 10.00 mL of 0.02731 M ceric sulfate Ce(SO4)2, given the reaction: H2C2O4 + 2Ce4+  2CO2 + 2Ce3+ + 2H+

Solved • Jul 29, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. A serving of a breakfast cereal contains 5.3 g of protein, 14.9 g of carbohydrates, and 6.8 g of fat. What is the Calorie content of a serving of this cereal if the average number of Calories for fat is 9.1 Calories/g, for carbohydrates is 4.1 Calories/g, and for protein is 4.1 Calories/g?

Solved • Jul 18, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. A pint of premium ice cream can contain 1456 Calories. What mass of fat, in grams and pounds, must be produced in the body to store an extra 1456 Calories if the average number of Calories for fat is 9.1 Calories/g?

Solved • Jul 18, 2019

Dimensional Analysis

Q. If the concentration of mercury in the water of a polluted lake is 0.350 μg (micrograms) per liter of water, what is the total mass of mercury in the lake, in kilograms, if the lake has a surface area of 15.0 square miles and an average depth of 39.0 feet?

Solved • Jul 9, 2019