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Mass Percent

Q. The alcohol content of hard liquor is normally given in terms of the "proof," which is defined as twice the percentage by volume of ethanol (C2H5OH) present. Calculate the number of grams of alcohol present in 2.15 L of 75−proof gin. The density of ethanol is 0.798 g/mL.

Solved • Apr 29, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. ) A liquid gas bottle which contains 11 kg of propane (C3H8) leaks (until empty) into a warehouse which volume is 150 m3. We know that propane forms an explosive mixture with air when the propane concentration is 2.2 -9.5 volume-%. In the above case, is there a risk for explosion? Assume that the warehouse has NTP-conditions and we don’t need to take the increase in pressure (because of the leakage) into account.

Solved • Apr 23, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. Calculate the mass percent of acetic acid (Molar Mass = 60.05 g/mol) in 5.00 mL of a 0.322 M vinegar solution that has a density of 1.106 g/mL. The correct answer is 1.19. However I am not sure why I am getting a different answer. Thank you.

Solved • Apr 16, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. Focmaldehyt content in pesticides is determined by weighing 0.3124g of liquid samples into a 50,0ml bottle of NaOH0,0996M solution. and 50,0ml H2O23%. The reaction occurred as follows OH- + HCHO + H2O2 HCOO- + 2H2O After cooling, the residual base is titrated with 0.05250M H2SO4 solution to 23.3ml. What is the percentage of HCHO in the wine sample? (M = 30,026g / mol)

Solved • Mar 26, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. A 11.1 g sample of an aqueous solution of hydroiodic acid contains an unknown amount of the acid. If 21.5 mL of 0.815 M sodium hydroxide are required to neutralize the hydroiodic acid, what is the percent by mass of hydroiodic acid in the mixture?

Solved • Feb 23, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. 4. What is the percent by mass of an aqueous solution that is 3m ammonium sulfate?

Solved • Feb 12, 2020