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40 solutions

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. Find [ H30+ ] AND pH at 25 C in a solution prepared by dissolving 2.00 mole of KF and 1.00 mole of HF in water with the final volume of 1.00 L.. for HF, Ka = 6.8 x 10^-4 at 25 C

Solved • Jul 28, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. What will be the pH of a buffer solution prepared from 0.20 mol NH3, 0.40 mol NH4NO3, and just enough water to give 1.00 L of solution? (Kb = 1.76 x 10-5) --I worked this out and got 8.96 as the pH, but I have seen other sources that got another answer. I need steps and explanations if possible because I am confused!

Solved • Jul 27, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. What is the Henderson-Hasselbach equation?

Solved • Jul 23, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. 1. What is the pH of an aqueous solution that is 0.25 M HNO2 and 0.32 M NaNO2? ~What would be the predominant chemical reaction that occurs when 0.05 mol of KOH is added to 1.0 L of the solution above? ~~Calculate the pH of the solution described above.

Solved • Jul 21, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. If the pKa of HCHO2 is 3.74 and the pH of an HCHO2/NaCHO2 solution is 3.11, which of the following is TRUE? A) [HCHO2] << [NaCHO2] B) [HCHO2] > [NaCHO2] C) [HCHO2] < [NaCHO2] D) [HCHO2] = [NaCHO2] E) It is not possible to make a buffer of this pH from HCHO2 and NaCHO2.

Solved • Jul 15, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. Copy of A buffer that contains 0.26 M of a base, B and 0.13 M of its conjugate acid BH+, has a pH of 8.78. What is the pH after 0.01 mol of Ba(OH)2 are added to 0.76 L of the solution?

Solved • Jul 17, 2019

Henderson Hasselbalch Equation

Q. Calculate the pH of a solution formed by mixing 150.0 mL of 0.10 M HC7H5O2 with 100.0 mL of 0.30 M NaC7H5O2. The Ka for HC7H5O2 is 6.5 × 10^-5. A) 4.19 B) 4.31 C) 9.69 D) 10.51 E) 3.49

Solved • Jul 15, 2019