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6 solutions

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. If you were to break down nomenclature into basic systems, what would they be? What naming rules apply to what compounds types (e.g., ionic, polyatomic)?

Solved • Jul 24, 2019

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. Give the formula for plumbous phosphate.

Solved • Jun 17, 2019

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. The compound nickel(II) iodide is a strong electrolyte. Write the reaction when solid nickel(II) iodide is put into water:

Solved • May 23, 2019

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. write the formulas for the acid and base that are required to react in order to produce the salt lithium chlorate.

Solved • Apr 18, 2019

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. write the equation for the dissociation of aluminum oxalate.

Solved • Apr 13, 2019

Naming Ionic Compounds

Q. Which nonmetals could form an ionic compound with magnesium with the formula MgX2 (where X represents the nonmetal)? Br, N, S, Cl, O, F

Solved • Apr 11, 2019