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7 solutions

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. How many electrons in the indium (In) atom have n=4 , l= 2 , ms= -1/2? a) 5 electrons b) 10 electrons c) 0 electrons d) 2 electrons e) 3 electrons

Solved • Oct 28, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. Classify each set of quantum numbers (ordered n, l, ml, ms) as possible or not possible for an electron in an atom. Drag the appropriate items to their respective bins.

Solved • Oct 9, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. Quantum numbers arise naturally from the mathematics used to describe the possible states of an electron in an atom. The four quantum numbers, the principal quantum number (n), the angular momentum quantum number (ℓ), the magnetic quantum number (mℓ), and the spin quantum number (ms) have strict rules which govern the possible values. Identify the allowable combinations of quantum numbers for an electron. n=3, l=-1, ml=1, ms=-1/2 n=6, l=6, ml=0, ms=+1/2 n=4, l=0, ml=1, ms=+1/2 n=2, l=0, ml=0, ms=-1 n=5, l=2, ml=-1, ms=+1/2 n=3, l=1, ml=1, ms=-1/2

Solved • Jun 23, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. Which one of the following is NOT a valid value for the magnetic quantum number of an electron in a 4d subshell?

Solved • Apr 25, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. The following sets of quantum numbers, listed in the order n, ℓ, mℓ, and ms, were written for the last electrons added to an atom. Identify which sets are valid and classify

Solved • Apr 1, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. Write a set of quantum numbers for each of the electrons with an n of 4 in a Se atom.

Solved • Mar 29, 2019

The Spin Quantum Number

Q. Which of the following sets of quantum numbers represents the last electron added to an arsenic atom (As)?

Solved • Mar 7, 2019