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5 solutions

Activity Series

Q. Use both the metal and the halogen activity series to predict whether each of the following reactions will occur. Write the formulas for the products and balance the equation, if the reaction does take place. a. AgNO3 + Zn → b. Cl2 + NaI → c. Fe + Al2 O3

Solved • Aug 22, 2019

Activity Series

Q. Given the following reagents a) SnCl2 + Ni b) Ni (NO3) 2 + Fe, determine the correct alternative A) Sn has zero charge on both products and reagents. B) Sn has a load [-2] between the products in its reaction. C) Fe has a load [+2] between the products and Ni [0] D) All metals have a load [-2] between the products. E) Sn and Ni are reducing agents.

Solved • Jun 19, 2019

Activity Series

Q. How do I determine the order of Activity with the plus charges and non charges?

Solved • May 27, 2019

Activity Series

Q. If a solution containing 2.0 mol Zn(NO3)2 reacts with 2.0 mol Na metal, which ions will be present at the end of the reaction?

Solved • May 5, 2019

Activity Series

Q. What additional tests would be needed to establish the exact position of hydrogen in activity series of the elements listed? Mg, Zn, Pb, Cu and Ag

Solved • Apr 21, 2019