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Gas Stoichiometry

Q. The reaction of iron with hydrochloric acid is represented by the following thermochemical equation.Fe(s) + 2HCl(aq) → FeCl2(aq) + H2(g); ΔH° = –87.9 kJIf, in a particular experiment, 1.56 kJ of heat was released at constant pressure, what volume of H2(g), measured at STP, was produced? (R = 0.0821 L • atm/(K • mol))

Solved • Mar 21, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. Chlorine can be prepared in the laboratory by the reaction of manganese dioxide with hydrochloric acid, HCl(aq), as described by the chemical equation MnO2(s) + 4HCl(aq) → MnCl2(aq) + 2H2O(l) + Cl2(g) How much MnO2(s) should be added to excess HCl(aq) to obtain 235 mL Cl2(g) at 25 °C and 785 Torr?

Solved • Mar 13, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. Calcium carbide,CaC2, reacts with water to produce acetylene gas(ethane), C2H2, and solid calcium hydroxide. The ethane gas is collected over water at a temperature of 32C and a barometric pressure of 106.5kpa. What volume of acetylene, in ml, would be produced from 2,49 g of calcium carbide? What volume would this gas occupy at STP?

Solved • Mar 9, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. 1. When sodium metal is placed in water, it reacts to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. If 20.7 grams of sodium is placed in 25.2 mL of water, what volume of hydrogen gas will be produced, assuming the temperature is 25.0 °C and the pressure is 670. mmHg ( the approximate atmosphere pressure in El Paso).

Solved • Feb 17, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. A sample of nitrosyl bromide (NOBr) decomposes according to the equation 2NOBr(g)⇌2NO(g)+Br2(g) An equilibrium mixture in a 5.00-L vessel at 100 ∘C contains 3.27 g of NOBr, 3.04 g of NO, and 8.10 g of Br2. What is the total pressure exerted by the mixture of gases?

Solved • Feb 29, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. A 0.233-g sample of an unknown metal (X) reacts with water to produce 75.0 mL of "wet" gas at 25 °C and 763 mm Hg. What is the unknown metal (X)? (The vapor pressure of water at 25 °C is 24 mm Hg.)

Solved • Feb 27, 2020

Gas Stoichiometry

Q. how many liters of the gas are produced from the single replacement reaction of magnesium with 4.03*10^24 molecules of hydrochloric acid at 30C and 776 torr?

Solved • Feb 26, 2020