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29 solutions

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. A sample of oxygen gas has a density of ____ g/L at a pressure of 1.38 atm and a temperature of 51 °C. Assume ideal behavior.

Solved • Feb 12, 2020

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. You start with an equimolar mixture of the gases SO₂ and O₂ in a container. The SO₂ and O₂ react to completion to form SO₃. If the temperature after the reaction is 25°C and the pressure in the container is 3.55 atm, what is the density of the product gas mixture? Assume ideal behavior.

Solved • Jan 19, 2020

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. Determine the density (g/L) of dinitrogen monoxide gas at 735 torr and 78 °C.

Solved • Dec 26, 2019

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. The density of an unknown gas in a 1.00 L container at 735 torr and 25°C is 1.11 g/L. What is the molecular weight of the gas?

Solved • Dec 24, 2019

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. Give the number density and the mass density of NH3 gas at 4.50 atm at 250.0 K.

Solved • Dec 19, 2019

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. The density of CO2 (g) at STP is 1.96 g L^-1. what is the density (in g L^-1) of CO2 (g) at -50C and 100 atm? a) 128.4. b) 58.1. c)240.2. d) 336.7

Solved • Dec 2, 2019

Ideal Gas Law Density

Q. What is the density of butane (C4H10) if the total pressure of the room is 743 mmHg and the temperature is at 25. Degree Celsius? (Note: at 25 degree Celsius partial pressure of water is at 24.0 mmHg)

Solved • Nov 19, 2019