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13 solutions

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. Three 1.00-L flasks at 25°C and 725 torr contain the gases CH 4 (flask A), CO 2 (flask B), and C 2H 6 (flask C). Reference: Ref 5-3 In which flask is there 0.039 mol of gas? A. Flask A B. Flask B C. Flask C D. all E. none

Solved • Jul 4, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. What is the change in the temperature of a 2.50L system when its volume is reduced to 2.05L if the initial temperature was 298k

Solved • Jun 21, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. If the volume of gasoline vapor and air in an automobile engine cylinder is reduced to 1/12 of its original volume before ignition, by what factor does the pressure in the cylinder increase? (Assume there is no change in temperature.)

Solved • May 24, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. A gas is in a closed 3.00L container at 100°C with a pressure of 5.00 atm. Predict the pressure in Pa when the system has cooled to 50°C

Solved • May 8, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. A container at an initial volume of 6.13L has 6.51mol of gas. More gas is added until there's a final volume of 18.9 L. the pressure and temp of the gas are constant. find # of moles of gas added.

Solved • May 8, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. A hot air balloon is filled with 1.11 × 106 L of an ideal gas on a cool morning (11 °C). The air's heated to 125 °C. What's the volume of the air in the balloon after it's heated? No gas escapes.

Solved • Apr 28, 2019

Chemistry Gas Laws

Q. Hydrogen gas was cooled from 150o C to 50.o C. Its new volume is 75 mL. What was its original volume?

Solved • Apr 27, 2019