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9 solutions


Q. The density of pure silver is 10.5 g/mL at 20°C. If 5.25 grams of pure silver pellets are added to a graduated cylinder containing 11.2 mL of water, to what volume will the water in the cylinder rise?

Solved • Jun 21, 2019


Q. A student weighs a piece of metal and finds its mass to be 35.20 grams. The piece of metal is placed into a graduated cylinder containing 7.6 ml of water. When the metal piece is placed into the cylinder, the water level now reads 20.6 ml. Using rules for significant figures, calculate the density of the metal in grams/ml. (Density = mass/volume)

Solved • Jun 5, 2019


Q. A group of students collected 125 empty aluminum cans to take to the recycling center. If 21 cans make 1.0 lb aluminum, how many liters of aluminum (D=2.70 g/cm3 ) are obtained from the cans?

Solved • May 25, 2019


Q. Convert 1228 kg/ML into g/mL

Solved • May 22, 2019


Q. the average density of blood is 1.060 kg/l. The average human body contains 5.00L of blood. What is the average mass of blood in human body?

Solved • May 18, 2019


Q. Determine the final volume of a 500 mL sample of water when it's cooled from 90oC to -15oC.

Solved • May 5, 2019


Q. The density of a certain type of plastic is 0.91g/cm^3. If a sheet of the plastic is 6.969m long, 6.774m wide, and 8.718 cm thick, what is its mass in kg?

Solved • Apr 26, 2019