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4 solutions


Q. 1. Given the following electronegativity values. H: 2.2 C: 2.5 O: 3.4 Which bond would be the most polar? A. C-C B. C-H C. C-O 2. identify the most polar bond in C2H3O^1-

Solved • Aug 21, 2019


Q. In each of the molecules drawn below one chemical bond is colored red. Decide whether this bond is likely to be polar or not. If the bond is likely to be polar, write down the chemical symbol for the atom which will have more negative charge.

Solved • Jul 8, 2019


Q. Re-order each list of elements in the table below, if necessary, so that the elements are listed in order of decreasing electronegativity. Elements P, N, As O, Si, C Elements in order of decreasing electronegativity

Solved • Jun 28, 2019


Q. Of the following elements, which has the highest electronegativity: S, P, As, Sc?

Solved • May 2, 2019