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4 solutions

Alpha Decay

Q. Consider the nuclear reaction 92U238 --> 90Th234 + 2He4 The nuclei in this reaction have the masses 238.0003 amu for 92U238, 233.9942 amu for 90Th234 and 4.0015 amu for 2He4. (a) Find ΔE when one mole of 92U238 nuclei undergoes this reaction (b) Use the answer to (a) to find ΔE when one 92U238 nucleus undergoes this reaction.

Solved • Aug 15, 2019

Alpha Decay

Q. Write the balanced nuclear equation for the formation of polonium-215 through a decay.

Solved • Aug 5, 2019

Alpha Decay

Q. Write the balanced nuclear equation for a decay of 212 Bi 83 . Include both the mass numbers and the atomic numbers with each nuclear symbol. Use the "sup-subscript" button in the answer palette to enter these numbers correctly. Greek letters can be accessed in the drop-down menu that says "-select—.

Solved • Aug 5, 2019

Alpha Decay

Q. osmium-171 is the resulting nuclide the alpha decay for which isotope?

Solved • Jun 3, 2019