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5 solutions

Formation Constant

Q. What is the solubility of silver chloride (Ksp = 1.6 x 10-10) in water and in 3.0 M NH3 solution, respectively? [Ag+(aq) + 2NH3(aq) ⇄ Ag(NH3)2+(aq), Kf = 1.7 x 107]

Solved • Aug 6, 2019

Formation Constant

Q. Calculate the solubility of CuX(Ksp=[Cu2+][X2−]=1.27×10−36) in a solution that is 0.100 M in NaCN.

Solved • Nov 13, 2017

Formation Constant

Q. Calculate the equilibrium concentration of Cu2+ in a solution initially with 0.050 M Cu2+ and 1.00 M NH3.

Solved • Mar 28, 2019

Formation Constant

Q. A biochemist mixes 25.5 mL of 3.1×10 –2 M Fe(H2O)6 3+ with 35.0 mL of 1.5 M NaCN. What is the final [Fe(H2O)6 3+]? Kf of Fe(CN)6 3– = 4.0 × 10 43

Solved • Mar 20, 2019

Formation Constant

Q. I do not know how the professor arrived at her answer. How do I know which charge belongs where with what subscript etc? thank you in advance!

Solved • Mar 20, 2019