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5 solutions

Boiling Point Elevation

Q. A 1.35 m aqueous solution of compound X had a boiling point of 101.4 °C. Which one of the following could be compound X? The boiling point elevation constant for water is 0.52 °C/m. A) KCl B) CaCl2 C) C6H12O6 D) Na3PO4 E) CH3CH2OH

Solved • Jul 15, 2019

Boiling Point Elevation

Q. The boiling point elevation of an aqueous sucrose solution is found to be 0.39°C. What mass of sucrose (molar mass= 342.30 g/mol) is contained in 500.0 g of the solution? Kb (water) = 0.512°C/m. A) 261 g sucrose B) 223 g sucrose C) 528 g sucrose D) 103. g sucrose E) 130 g sucrose

Solved • Jul 15, 2019

Boiling Point Elevation

Q. Choose the aqueous solution that has the highest boiling point. These are all solutions of nonvolatile solutes and you should assume ideal van't Hoff factors where applicable. A) 0.100m AlCl3 B) 0.100m C6H12O6 C) 0.100m MgCl2 D) 0.100m NaCl E) They all have the same boiling point.

Solved • Jul 15, 2019

Boiling Point Elevation

Q. What is the boiling point (in C) of a solution of 8.66 g of I2 in 59.0 g of toluene assuming the I2 is nonvolatile? (For toluene, tb = 110.63 and Kb = 3.40 C kg/mol)

Solved • Jun 25, 2019

Boiling Point Elevation

Q. if 90,0g of non ionizing C6H12O6,are dissolved in 255g H2O,what will the boiling point of the resulting solution be

Solved • Apr 15, 2019