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Q. A sample of vinegar has 0.861 M concentration of acetic acid (C2H4O2; molar mass= 60.05 g/mol) in water. What is the molality of acetic acid in the vinegar if its density is 1.007 g/mL?

Solved • Apr 30, 2019


Q. what is the molar concentration of a 3.296 m aqueous solution of fructose?. The density of the solution is 1.203 g/mL

Solved • Apr 24, 2019


Q. Calculate the molality of 10.0% phosphoric acid solution water.

Solved • Apr 18, 2019


Q. What mass of water is needed to dissolve 292.5 g of NaCl to produce a 0.25 m aqueous solution?

Solved • Mar 21, 2019