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Calculate Molarity

Q. If the density of a 14.47 m (molal) solution of ethanol C2H5OH in water is 0.935 g/mL what is the molarity of ethanol in this solution?

Solved • Jun 25, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. The molar absorptivity, of a particular compound is 5,674M^-1*cm^-1. The absorbance of a solution was found to be 0.75 and the path length of the corvette used was 10mm. What is the concentration of the solution in units of molarity?

Solved • Jun 18, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. A solution is made by diluting 5 mL of 2M (NH4)2SO4 solution with water to a final volume of 100ml. Calculate the NH4+ concentration in the diluted solution

Solved • Mar 19, 2019