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Calculate Molarity

Q. Calculate the molarity of 5.00% (w/v) NaOH solution.

Solved • Apr 19, 2020

Calculate Molarity

Q. 0.1527 grams of cobalt compound was dissolved in 100.0ml H2O to make cobalt solution. through spectrophotometric analysis, the cobalt solution absorbance A = 0.32 (λmax = 425 nm) (ε = 58). Wha is the concentration of Cobalt solution (Beer's Law = M = A/bε, b = path length of cuvette = 1 cm.

Solved • Apr 16, 2020

Calculate Molarity

Q. A concentrated phosphoric acid solution is 85.5% H3PO4 by mass and has a density of 1.69 g/mL at 25°C. What is the molarity of H3PO4?

Solved • Mar 3, 2020

Calculate Molarity

Q. If CaCl2 is dissolved in water, what can be said about the concentration of the Ca^2+ ion? a) It has the same concentration as the Cl^- ion. b) Its concentration is half that of the Cl^- ion. c) Its concentration is twice that of the Cl^- ion. d) Its concentration is one-third that of the Cl^- ion.

Solved • Feb 17, 2020

Calculate Molarity

Q. An aqueous solution is 5.50% by mass ammonia, NH3, and has a density of 0.975 g/mL. The molarity of ammonia in the solution is ______ M.

Solved • Feb 4, 2020

Calculate Molarity

Q. Chromium (III) forms a complex with diphenylcarbazide whose molar absorptivity is 4.17x10^4 at 540 nm. Calculate the path length (in cm) needed to cause a 2.56×10^-6 M solution of the complex to have the same absorbance as a 7.68×10^-6 M solution measured in a 1.00-cm cell.

Solved • Nov 17, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. The molar absorptivity of the Bi(III) thiourea complex is 5.2x101cm-1M-1 at 470nm. What concentration (in mM) of the complex would be needed to produce a solution with a 6.85% transmittance when measure in a 1.00-cm cell at this wavelength. (1000 mM = 1M)

Solved • Nov 16, 2019