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21 solutions

Calculate Molarity

Q. A 6.0 m acetic acid solutions has a density of 1.05 g/mL. What is the concentration of this solution in molarity?

Solved • Nov 23, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. Chromium (III) forms a complex with diphenylcarbazide whose molar absorptivity is 4.17x10^4 at 540 nm. Calculate the path length (in cm) needed to cause a 2.56×10^-6 M solution of the complex to have the same absorbance as a 7.68×10^-6 M solution measured in a 1.00-cm cell.

Solved • Nov 17, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. The molar absorptivity of the Bi(III) thiourea complex is 5.2x101cm-1M-1 at 470nm. What concentration (in mM) of the complex would be needed to produce a solution with a 6.85% transmittance when measure in a 1.00-cm cell at this wavelength. (1000 mM = 1M)

Solved • Nov 16, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. A 1.93M solution of "A" has an absorbance of 0.54. What is the absorbance of solution "B" which has a concentration of 1.09M? The path length of the cell is 3.0cm.

Solved • Nov 3, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. What is the molar absorptivity of the compound based on the following Beer's Law plot ( Abs vs Conc.) ? A = εbc ( b = 3.0 cm) Beers Law

Solved • Nov 3, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. An aqueous solution is 28% acetic acid (C2H4O2) by mass. The density of the solution is 1.03 g/mL. calculate the molarity, molality, and mole fraction of acetic acid. please help with me understanding the steps to this question

Solved • Oct 24, 2019

Calculate Molarity

Q. (NH4)2S is a strong electrolyte. Determine the concentration of each of the individual ions in a 0.350 M (NH4)2S solution. [NH+4]= M [S2−]=

Solved • Oct 22, 2019