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Q. A balloon filled with helium gas is found to take 8.4 hours to deflate to 45% of its original volume. How long (in h) will it take for an identical balloon filled with the same volume of hydrogen gas (instead of helium) to decrease its volume by 45%?

Solved • Jul 25, 2019


Q. The rate of effusion of helium was found to be 4.02 times that of an he rate of effusion of helium was found to be 4.02 times that of an unknown gas. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas? Which of the following is the identity of the unknown gas o2 ,C3H3 , CO2, SO2, CL2

Solved • Jul 27, 2019


Q. A mixture of two gases was allowed to effuse, from a container. One of the gases escaped from the container 1.43 times as fast as the other one. The two gases could have been: D. Cl2 and SF6

Solved • Apr 28, 2019


Q. Which gas will diffuse the fastest? a) CO2 b) NH3 c) SO2 d) SO3 e) PH3

Solved • Apr 11, 2019


Q. In an experiment to study diffusion of gases, a student set up the apparatus shown in diagram 1. after some time the student noticed a change in the water level as shown in diagram II

Solved • Apr 5, 2019


Q. Explain how the rates of diffusion of equal quantities of nitrogen and oxygen gases compare under the same conditions

Solved • Apr 5, 2019


Q. A sample of Xe takes 75s to effuse out of a container. An unknown gas takes 37 seconds to effuse out of an identical container, same conditions. What is the identity of the gas?

Solved • Aug 1, 2017