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Q. The graph shows the distribution of molecular velocities for two different molecules (A and B) at the same temperature. Which molecule has the higher molar mass? Which molecule has the higher rate of effusion?

Solved • Mar 30, 2020


Q. Practice: At a particular temperature and pressure, it takes 4.55 min for a 1.5 L sample of He to effuse through a porous membrane. How long would it take for a 1.5 L of F2 to effuse under the same conditions? The answer is 1.5 min but since F2 is heavier than He, shouldn't it take longer than 4.55 min?

Solved • Mar 3, 2020


Q. identify the element or molecule that has the highest diffusion rate A) N2 B) Rn C)H2 D) Ar E) Cl2

Solved • Feb 13, 2020


Q. The rate of effusion of H2 gas through a porous barrier is observed to be 4.23 x 10^-4 mol/h. Under the same conditions, the rate of effusion of SO2 gas would be ____ mol/h.

Solved • Jan 23, 2020


Q. A sample of Ne gas is observed to effuse through a pourous barrier in 4.06 minutes. Under the same conditions, the same number of moles of an unknown gas requires 6.46 minutes to effuse through the same barrier. The molar mass of the unknown gas is ____ g/mol.

Solved • Jan 23, 2020


Q. What is the relative rates of effusion of nitrogen gas and a different gas that has a density of 1.29g/L at 115 kPa and 37C?

Solved • Jan 2, 2020


Q. Xe atoms effuse out of a certain container at a rate of 1.0 x 10 ^ -6 moles/hour. How long would it take 3.0 moles of He to effuse out of the same container?

Solved • Dec 19, 2019